Waterworld Technical (Hydrocosmo) is a high quality company that offers solutions to all kinds of clients and their needs. Its services include classic and prefabricated pools, spas, saunas, equipment, accessories and maintenance.
The company was established in 1991 by the engineers Dimitris Lamaris and Evagelos Mavromatis, and is well known as a quality and high standard manufacturer. This helps us to offer a full range of products to our customers, knowing that their investment will be repaid by many years of reliable and efficient service. The construction of a swimming pool is a complex task. It requires the use of the best materials, an experienced team and strict compliance to the rules, procedures and regulations of the craft.
Hydrocosmo’s specialized staff consisting of experienced foremen and technicians, undertake (in a reliable and consistent way) to complete the construction of your swimming pool effectively, neatly and quickly.
Our company associates with the biggest world brands in Pool and SPA industry.

In 2004, in collaboration with the Real Estate Agency, Theasis Properties, Hydrocosmo started manufacturing pools in Western Messinia, where there are rapid developments in the area of tourism and vacation housing. The result was the founding of a franchise in Pylos, in early 2009 with the goal to offer high quality services to those who wish to own a swimming pool, or already have one but have maintenance problems since there are no authorized crews to undertake the task in that particular area.